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I'm an artist, a designer, a procrastinator and a voyeur in a constant state of learning.

The Artist

As early as I can remember I have been around creativity. An Artist herself, my mom always made sure we had paint, pencils and paper. It was a great way to keep my brothers, myself and all of the kids she watched, entertained.  It was just a natural progression to follow my heart and pursue a career in the arts.


After sorting out a bunch of kinks I started to develop my portfolio at Fullerton College, in preparation to apply to college, more specifically to The Art Center College Of Design. The hard work paid off and I was accepted where I later earned a BFA in Illustration. The journey was emotional, amazing and so very hard but I would not trade a second of it.


The second leg of my path started after attending the Art Center. With a few friends in the Action Sports Industry I begged and pleaded for leads, daily. A year later, with the fear that I might forever be just "starving", I landed an interview and a job at Quiksilver. This is where I began my pratical learning. I became fluent in fashion graphics. 12 years later I have stayed the course, where I continue to work In fashion. In last 5 years added to my repertoire textile design. I love it, its kind of like trying to figure out a puzzle that I've drawn.


One of my constant inner battles has been balancing career and personal creativity. I find relief in collecting artist on instagram and staying connected with my friends at Brooklyn Collective to spark the motivation to paint. With my subject matter, I often explore new approaches to express my love of family, friends and life through painting. Every face I am drawn to carries a variance of culture that is inspired by the strong female influences in my life.


I am always looking for the "lesson" and I'm motivated by learning.

With each ebb and flow I find that painting brings a sense of meaning to this adventure of mine.


Past exhibitions:


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