Artist Statement     

     A true compassionate examination of myself is a direct link to empathetically identify with the observer. Life can sometimes happen in such isolation, it is difficult to see outside of personal struggles that originated in solitary. Having contact with people helps me begin to engage a connection with others. Through language and art, the feelings of isolation become feelings of empathy. We look for ourselves in others, it gives us the opportunity to accept or deny a connection, a chance to confront or avoid our fears. As far removed as one might attempt to be, this complex understanding bonds our souls. 

     The figure has been painted so many times I want to connect a true emotion and paint forms of human ideals. An abstraction of humanity. The painted form can symbolize a multitude of meanings to the voyeur, the onlooker who can take time to absorb the image and place their history into the work. It is the personal victory when a painting elicits a genuine emotion and opens the dialogue for profound understanding. I have found examples of this in the paintings of Frida Khalo. She connects with her audience with culturally and universally relatable symbols that inform the viewer of her journey and her pain. Another artist that is able to convey her empathetic understanding is Jenny Saville, by painting larger than life figures at a transitional moment in the subject’s life a spectator can experience a similar struggle or transformation of their own. 

     Paint is the medium that I use to communicate my emotions. A confident mark or a wavering line articulates the personal understanding of myself and the world that I exist in. An idea is gestated. It is then matured into a tangible image. The process of development has to be grown from a simple idea into a perceivable thought. The image is then transformed from the eye to the brain, to the hand. It is contemplated and worked, pushed and pulled paint until it is fully informed image. Then it is transferred from its original surface onto another, leaving to chance of what will remain and what will not. Once presented it is thrust into another process of receiving and understanding